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Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller Review – Is This 3-Wheel Stroller a Good Choice?

Well before becoming a mom, I knew that a 3-wheel stroller would be the right fit for me as I’m crazy about outdoor running. I did a great amount of research and finally picked the Baby Trend Expedition jogger stroller, which I bought along with a Union 3-in-1 convertible crib. In my review, I’d like to share my experience with this model in the hope that this will help other parents with making a choice.

Structure and Design

This 3-wheel stroller is very compact measuring 21 by 47 by 41 inches and it’s quite light too. This is a huge advantage for active parents who plan spending a lot of time outside. At the same time, this model boasts of a very strong steel frame construction which adds immensely to its durability. I love the big bicycle wheels. They are perfectly well suited even for tracks with dirt and gravel.

Baby Comfort and Safety

While the seat of the Baby Trend Expedition stroller isn’t very big, it seems very comfy thanks to its design and padding. My baby loves it. Reclining the seat is a breeze and so is adjusting the five-point harness which is completely reliable and offers perfect safety, in my opinion.

The canopy has sunroof, which offers invaluable protection on sunny days. It’s easy to adjust so it works great to keep my baby shielded from the wind too. He loves the tray in front of him as the cup holders can store his favorite outdoor toys. The tray accepts a car seat for creating a travel system which I’d definitely use when baby number 2 arrives.

Steering and Performance

The front swivel wheel of this 3-wheel stroller and its holder are very well designed and made. The stroller has exceptional maneuverability which makes it a breeze to steer even on a crowded street and around corners. When I go jogging, I just lock the wheel for perfect stability. If there were an award for performance, I’m sure that this Baby Tender model would get it.

Notable Functional Features

The storage basket of this model is large and deep and can fit tons of stuff including extra clothes, toys and baby bottles. There is even room for carrying a book which to read when relaxing on a bench.

I’m a huge fan of the parent tray of this 3-wheel stroller as it has two cup holders for both parents to use. There is even a small storage compartment with a lid which is ideal for keeping your phone – the gadget is always close to you, but you don’t have to worry that it might slip out of your pocket and get dirty and wet.

How about Downsides?

The Baby Trend Expedition stroller folds easily for storage. However, I personally think that it could be more compact when folded. I have an SUV so it fits neatly into the trunk, but if you have a smaller car, you should take this factor into account when making a decision. Apart from this, I’ve found this 3-wheel stroller to be comfortable, convenient and exceptionally durable.

The Price

You can find the Baby Trend Expedition jogger stroller for $97.09 on Amazon. I think that this model offers a great value for money. I’ve been using it for well over a year now and it performs and offers the same kind of convenience just like on day one.


Should you get this 3-wheel stroller from Baby Trend? It has all the features which a baby needs to feel great when you take him or her for a walk outside. Steering is effortless and should not cause you any trouble. The stroller is reliable and sturdy and these are very important qualities for any baby product.

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