An Easy Trick for Helping Baby Sleep

Have you ever gone for a long run, or watched an action packed movie or sports game – and then tried to go straight to bed?

Doesn’t work well, does it?

Your body and mind are both still going strong and neither wants to sleep. You’re in high gear, not neutral.

This is true for you baby, too.

During the day you’ll want to play with your baby. A rousing game of Peek a Boo is always fun. Or your baby may enjoy gently bouncing up and down on your knee. There’s nothing like the feeling when you see your baby start smiling at your funny faces and trying to mimic you. And then – to hear their laugh. Priceless!

But you need to stop all these activities at least an hour before nap time and two hours before bedtime.  A baby learns an amazing amount of things during its first year and its mind is always churning. He looks around and tries to notice everything that is going on. He listens to noises and notices changes in lights, movement and sounds. Who can sleep when they’re trying to process all that stimulation?

So how do you calm a baby’s mind so they can relax and sleep? By using a trick called sensory deprivation.

This is where the Instant Baby Sleep Sound Track can help your baby.

The sound track was designed to produce energy from 20 Hz to 20 KHz which covers the whole spectrum of hearing. It fills his senses with calming sounds so there’s no room for distracting sounds.  It also uses vibrations that calm your baby.

If your baby still seems distracted try using a light weight blanket to cover his eyes. Be sure the blanket is loose and does not tightly cover his nose or mouth. Remove the blanket before you put the baby in his crib. This can be especially helpful during the day when so much is going on and your baby is not interested in nap time.

By filling your baby’s mind with calming noises and vibrations you’ll help your baby be able to shut out all the other sounds and distractions and drift off to sleep.

Another big advantage of the Instant Baby Sleep soundtrack is it can be used by daddy as well as mommy. While moms often become comfortable taking care of baby easily, dads sometimes feel unsure of what to do. When they’re left alone with the task of putting baby down for his nap or to bed at night they panic.

But if your baby has already adjusted to falling asleep to the baby sound track then daddy, grandparents and even babysitters can put baby down for the night without stress.

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