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Angelcare AC401 Movement and Sound Monitor Review – How Effective and Reliable Is It?

I’ve never been too comfortable around technology so I felt helpless when I had to choose a baby monitor. Luckily, my cousin showed me how her Angelcare AC401 movement and sound monitor worked and I simply had to get one for my baby’s nursery. I’ll share my opinion on this model and its features in this review and hopefully it will help you make up your mind easily too.

How It Works

Angelcare AC401 is a set of three units. The movement sensor pad is designed to be placed under the baby’s mattress and produces an alert after 20 seconds of inactivity. I want to point out that it detects even the slightest movement so it won’t sound an alarm accidently when the baby is sleeping very deeply. However, if the youngster rolls to the side of the bed, you will get an alert to fix things.

There is also a nursery unit and a parent unit. The nursery one is very sweet and goes over the baby’s head. It picks up all the sounds so you can have complete peace of mind. It has a sleeping light too which I find particularly convenient. The parent unit has a color LCD display which is small, but functional. It shows the temperature in the baby’s room and you can even set it to produce an alert when it goes out of a range that you set in advance.

Is It Reliable?

In my opinion, the Angelcare AC401 baby monitor system is completely dependable. Its range is around 300 feet and this is perfectly sufficient for keeping my baby safe given the size of our house. I’ve never actually heard the out of range alarm even when doing chores in the backyard or when storing our Baby Trend Expedition jogger stroller in the garage.

I’ve personally never had problems with signal interference. I chose one of the eight channels on the first day and have been using it since. The sound is excellent and the alerts are loud and clear. I love the fact that the parent unit uses AAA batteries to continue working even when the power is out.

Ease of Use

Despite my lack of confidence when it comes to technology, I find this baby monitor to be extremely easy to use. It’s very simple to adjust the settings while the user manual is detailed and succinct at the same time. The icons on the parent unit’s screen are a bit small, but this isn’t a big issue at all.

How about Setup Requirements?

The movement pad of the Angelcare AC401 system works with most baby mattresses with a few exceptions which include memory foam and dual sided ones. You should check compatibility in advance. Additionally, the pad should be laid on a solid flat surface. If the crib’s mattress frame is wired, you will need to place a specially made wooden board underneath. Such boards are readily available.

Any Disadvantages?

The only thing which I don’t like about this baby monitor is that you have to disable the sensor pad every time before you take the child out of the crib or it will sound an alarm. I understand that this is done for safety, but it’s a bit annoying. Still, I got used to disabling the pad after a few weeks – you just have to push a button on the nursey unit.

How Much Is It?

The standard sales price of Angelcare AC401 baby monitor is $109.99, but it’s cheaper on Amazon costing $81.45.

The Verdict

Overall, the Angelcare AC401 movement and sound monitor is a dependable system for keeping a check on your baby when you are in the other room. It’s fairly easy to set up and to use. You can expect to achieve a high level of safety with it.

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