Can We Make Money From Blogging?

Before I answer that question, below is an infographic from that contains a lot of statistics about blogging and blogs:

Can We Make Money From Blogging?

If you’ve browsed through the info-graphic above, then you’ll absolutely know the answer!

Let’s take it into the Internet Marketing niche. Many people have been doing that for the past few years. One of the few prominent figures is John Chow. He has been earning 5 figures (and climbing to 6 figures) per month mainly from his blogging activities. Making money through blogging involves extreme discipline, hard work, commitment, and consistency. John stresses a lot on consistency in getting success through blogging. In fact, he has been averaging about 2 posts per day for more than 5 years to reach the kind of level that he is doing right now.

With blogging, you can do product reviews, talk about your personal life story, your personal experiences in your making money online journey, build a mailing list, engaging with your readers and subscribers, create personal branding, and so much more. Your imagination and creativity take care of the rest!

Learning From The Pros

John Chow

It is absolutely important NOT to re-invent the wheel. When you want to be successful, you just need to follow what successful people do. In this case, you can learn from John Chow himself on how he developed his wildly successful online business mainly from blogging.

As of writing this blog post, John has been selling his all-time popular product on blogging. The guide contains all the trade secrets and his EXACT blogging model on how he managed to reach the success level he is at right now.

So if you stumble upon this post asking the question about “what is blogging”, you might as well learn on how to monetize your blogging efforts so that you can start working towards your dream of working from home online.


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To Your Success!

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