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how to make more money

How To Make More Money

If you want to know on how to make more money, the formula is simple and there are ways to do just that. You could: Sell more of your products Increase the price of your products (while at least retaining the quantity sold prior to the price increase) Reduce your overhead expenses If you have […]

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Failure & Success

Failure Leads To Success

Failure Leads To Success There is nothing more than the truth from the above statement. Every now and then, most people will experience failures at some point of their lives. It is the nature of how this world is created to run. There are some who even said that failure is the mother of success. […]

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Crucial Rules For Success In Internet Marketing

In this post, I will reveal the crucial rules that I believe that all Internet marketers should follow because they will always bring results. Unlike other ebooks, this one won’t attempt to stuff you into a rigid template. Instead, I will simply tell you what will work without mixing it with stuff that “might work” […]

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Common Web Copy Mistakes that Reduce Conversions

#1 – Making Unbelievable Claims How many times have you watched a commercial or an infomercial on your television and realized that the advertisers have gone much too far with the hype for their product? You often see people (in fake testimonials even) saying that the product is some amazing creation sent from the heavens […]

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Increase up

Quick Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate

#1 – A Photo Can Make All the Difference If you have noticed that your web copy does not seem to be generating as many sales as you had hoped, then you need to make some changes to get that happening. The key to a website business is the conversion rate of traffic to sales. […]

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Sites Sold… So What’s Next Zai?

Most of my customers were informed about the selling of my business sites last month. I did launched a blowout sale on the 7th of June 2010 explaining briefly about the decision that I made. For those who have no clue about what I’m talking about, that’s part of the reasons why I’m writing this […]

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Are You REALLY Prepared To Work From Home?

My Biggest Question To All “Internet Marketers Wanna-Be”: Are You REALLY Prepared To Work From Home? Now before I proceed with my blog post, here’s the summary of what I’m going to say: More than 95% of people trying to make money online do not smell any success and quit permanently Most of these people […]

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Finally… I’m Blogging!!! :-)

Dear All, After months and months of thinking, I’ve finally decided to blog. This is the first time I’m blogging. Most of my friends have already done so and a few of them even managed to earn a decent income from it. I feel that this is the best way to interact with my readers about my […]

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