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Day 116 – Dam, Canoes and Hotel


Canoeing - our viewCanoeing – our watch

Hungry Horse Dam & Reservoir, Canoeing on Lake McDonald and checking out Lake McDonald Resort – this was our agenda for the working day. We experienced a great time learning all about Hungry Horse Dam and it’s electric power resources for the states of Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and parts of California. The reservoir is 35 miles very long and they say the trout fishing on the lake is wonderful. Right after a rapid lunch back again at the rigs we headed for Lake McDonald in hopes of renting canoes for an hour or so. We shell out about an hour on the lake and battled the wind back to the shore. I consider my arms could possibly be a minor sore tomorrow. Following we safely and securely received again to shore we all agreed we deserved some Huckleberry ice product and yogurt. Did you know – 98% of the Huckleberries manufactured in the US arrive from this region of Montana AND 20% of the inhabitants in West Glacier earn their residing strictly from Huckleberry merchandise. Who realized… Following our yummy ice product and yogurt we headed up the highway to the Lake McDonald Hotel. Numerous individuals we talked to stated it was a should see, so that is what

Canoeing on Lake McDonaldCanoeing on Lake McDonaldCanoeing on Lake McDonald

we did. We all agreed it would be a lovely position to keep in the park, but the costs Start out at $189 a evening. Again we went to our rigs and $38 a night camping costs.


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