Help Your Baby Self Calm

A new mother finds out quickly that an agitated baby does not fall asleep quickly. The worst part is an extremely cranky baby will get overtired. And trying to get an overtired baby to sleep is a new mommy’s worst nightmare.

You walk the baby, you sing, you’d dance a jig if it would help. But the more tired and anxious your baby becomes the more stressed you become. It’s a viscous cycle with you both feeding off each other’s anxiety.

But there is hope! You don’t have to settle for bedtime being a nightly crisis situation.

As your baby gets older he’ll learn ways to help himself calm down. These are called self-calming methods.

It can include sucking on his fingers or taking a pacifier.

Having a favorite stuffed animal or blanket can help a slightly older baby. They’ll associate the toy or blanket with sleep time and it will help them settle down for sleep. Be sure the toy is designed for babies and has no eyes or nose parts that can come loose.

Another way to help your baby calm down to sleep is the Instant Baby Sleep soundtrack.

When you put this soundtrack on your baby will hear calming noises that drowns out other distractions. The sounds are designed to lull the baby into a quiet, calm state – which is where he needs to be to fall asleep.

The sound track has worked for many moms and their babies and it can work for you, too.

By the age of three months your baby will start learning self-calming methods. You’ll be able to put the baby in his bed and then put the sound track on. The baby will eventually be able to go to sleep quickly. When the baby awakes and the sound track is still playing, he’ll be able to put himself back to sleep again.

But don’t wait until the baby is three months old to start using the sound track. The sooner your baby starts associating the sound track with bedtime the sooner you’ll start getting some sleep!

Don’t be upset if the soundtrack doesn’t work immediately the first night or two. Continue building your bed time routine and over time you’ll see the difference the sound track can make. Don’t get discouraged and give up too quickly.

Your baby has a lot to learn that first year and self-calming is one of the most important.

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