Helping Your Baby Sleeping Through the Night

For many new parents, a full night’s sleep seems like an impossible dream.

Many babies fall asleep rather quickly but then wake up in a short time. Often they’re awake before mommy has even gotten a decent nap – let alone a good night’s sleep.

No sleep makes mommy and daddy tired, cranky and more prone to depression. Sleep deprivation can cause a multitude of health problems so it’s important that a set pattern is developed in your baby as early as possible.

If you’ve spent long nights with your baby getting up every hour you may think this is a fantasy.

But it is possible to help your baby sleep longer by using the Instant Baby Sleep Sound Track.

Go through your regular evening routine, bath time, clean diaper, pajamas and a night time feeding. When your baby is sleepy from eating, place him in his bed and put on the sound track.

How does this help prolong sleep?

First, it works to help your baby fall into a deep sleep quickly.

Next, the average sleep cycle is usually forty to forty-five minutes so your baby may be awake again shortly. But the sound track runs for sixty minutes.

Think of it this way, suppose you went to sleep in your warm cozy bed and then forty-five minutes later you woke up lying on the cold, hard floor. You would be confused and have a hard time going back to sleep.

If your baby goes to sleep in your arms, breast feeding or drinking from a bottle and then wakes up alone in their bed they’re going to feel displaced. They’ll cry to go back to where they were when they fell asleep.

But imagine if your baby goes to sleep in their own bed, listening to the sound track. When they wake up later where will they be? Warm and comfortable – sleeping in their own. bed listening to the sound track. Nothing has changed. They haven’t been jerked from one environment to another.

Instead of rushing in to pick up your baby the instant he wakes up; let the soundtrack do its job. Your baby will learn to fall back asleep.

Please note that a baby that is younger than four months old has a tiny stomach and will get hungry every few hours. Don’t expect a three month old to sleep five or six hours.  Learn to recognize their cries. One cry is just a half awake fussy cry. Another is an “I’m hungry! Feed me now!” cry. You’ll quickly learn the difference.

As your baby grows older they’ll sleep for longer amounts of time without needing to be fed.  By using the baby instant sleep sound track they’ll be ready for those longer nights because they’ll already be familiar with going back to sleep on their own. The sooner you start, the better.

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