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High Ticket Affiliate Programs

High Ticket Affiliate ProgramsIn order to make REALLY BIG MONEY in this online business, you need to focus on promoting products that offer high commissions from high ticket affiliate programs.

When you concentrate on promoting these kind of products, you’ll be on your way to make it REALLY BIG online.

If you want to make $10,000 a month and you got a $25 commission you’d need 400 sales. What if your average commission is $500? You’d then only need 20.

Is it harder to make a $500 sale? Definitely!

But it’s not 400 times harder – not even close!

In this post, I will focus only on one membership or training site that I highly recommend for you to join in order to start your journey to generating high commissions! This is one of a few high ticket affiliate programs that I trust.

My Lead System Pro (MLSP)

MLSP - Creating Tomorrow's Leaders Today

My Lead System Pro is an online attraction marketing system center that provides you the proven system, tools and resources that anyone can implement to your own business.

Let’s recap what you get…

The MLSP Feature Set

graphBuild YOUR Business Opportunity

 MLSP was engineered to help you build your business opportunity AND profit from the 90% who say NO to your biz opp.


LIVE Weekly Lead Generation Training

Got Leads? LIVE ongoing weekly lead-gen training from the best marketers in the world: FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogging, Article Marketing, SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Pinterest, LinkedIn, E-zines, Solo Ads, and so much more.


Education and Training Library

Instant access to the most valuable & complete training library on the net. Hundreds of hours of training on everything you need: marketing, lead-generation, mindset, sponsoring, recruiting, team-building, leadership, EVERYTHING you need!


100% Pure Profit Products

As a Mastery Member, if you decide to become an affiliate, you can market the best lead-generation products from recognizable industry leaders that range from $7 – $497, and keep 100% of the sale (minus a small transaction fee). Market like the pros from day 1! This is one of the high ticket affiliate programs that I mentioned earlier.


Customizable Websites & Fan Pages

Customizable websites, marketing funnels, and FaceBook fan pages that brand YOU as a leader. When this happens customers magically buy your products and join your business, and MLSP guides you every step of the way: Attraction Marketing in motion!


Instant Value & Relationship Builder

Ready to go website funnels you can use immediately to give away valuable lead generation trainings to your prospects that help you build relationships first. You provide the value, you become the leader, you build your business: it’s that simple.


Exposure Agent – Ultimate Leverage

Exposure and getting eyeballs to your websites is absolutely critical. As you hit leader ranks inside MLSP, we promote YOU and YOUR BRAND to our active home business owner database of 100,000+ to skyrocket your business.


The Community

The heart and soul of MLSP is the community. It truly is a supportive family who consistently gives back with leaders who train our members week in and week out with no want in return. If you want to be a part of something amazing, come experience the community.


E-mail Autoresponder Integration

Easily integrate the autoresponder of your choice into MLSP so that all leads you generate join your personal e-mail list. MLSP offers a 100% Free 500-Man auto responder so you can start building your personal list at no additional cost!

Video & Audio Hosting, Domain Hosting, Custom Link Tracking, Proprietary Split-Testing, Beginners Marketing Guide, Live Member Orientations, Sample Ads & Resources, Global Support, Daily Wake-Up Calls, Massive Article Directory, and so much more!

The 4 Top Earner Profit Centers

Having one revenue stream in your business is like investing all of your money in one stock: It isn’t a sound investment, it’s NOT what the top earners are doing, and neither should you! There is an ebb and flow to any home business, and you need to have checks coming in from numerous places to ensure your family is taken care of each month, and you do that by building The 4 Top Earner Profit Centers.


1 –
 Product Revenue

If you’ve ever attended events, you have seen first-hand ALL the top earners create & sell you their own coaching, training products, e-books, audios, etc. and keep 100% because it makes them the most money! When you Join MLSP and become an Affiliate, you can start selling amazing products people actually want to buy and keep 100% just like the top earners do (minus a tiny merchant transaction fee). Finally start embracing Product Revenue like the Pros do to fund and fuel your business without having to create your own products! BRILLIANT!

Side Note: It is roughly 1,000,000 X easier to sell a Product to a Prospect than it is to sell a business opportunity, and top earners know this! That’s why all top earners lead with products, offers, and VALUE to build relationships (and their list) instead of leading with a MLM / business opportunity up-front!

MLSP image-products


2 – Continuity Revenue

Anything that pays you each and every month like clockwork. A good example would be MLSP: If you decide to join MLSP Mastery and become an Affiliate, they pay you $100 per member per month that you refer to MLSP Mastery (or $1,000 per member per year if your referrer chooses the annual payment)

ALL top earners have some form of steady, consistent Continuity Revenue outside of their MLM residual income, and as an MLSP Affiliate you can too!


3 – High Ticket Affiliate Programs


Products that pay you from $7 to $497 per purchase. This is HUGE especially for new people just starting out. ALL top earners have High-Ticket Revenue in place for big money pay-days, and so should you.

Your network marketing business takes a while to build, but you need money NOW to pay the bills, keep your business afloat, feed the family, etc. You create money NOW by embracing High-Ticket Revenue from this high ticket affiliate programs that contain products that pay you BIG (and FAST). If you choose to become an MLSP affiliate, they have your High-Ticket Revenue covered.

4 – Biz Opp Revenue

This is whatever MLM business or business opportunity you wish to build. MLSP does NOT or can NOT provide any ‘MLM or Biz Opp’ Profit Center revenue because MLSP is simply an affiliate program perfectly positioned and designed to help existing MLM business owners. If you do not have a business opportunity, MLSP does recommend you find a product, compensation plan, and leader that you resonate with and take advantage of the leverage and residual income that a legitimate MLM business provides… and embrace the 4th Profit Center of ALL top earners. But MLSP Is NOT a business opportunity and thus cannot provide “Biz Opp” revenue.”

Side Note: This is one of the four Top Earner Profit Centers that MLSP can NOT provide because MLSP is NOT a business opportunity: MLSP is a powerful home business solution and affiliate program. However, MLSP offers many different solutions to help you get leads and sponsor more reps in the MLM of your choice, and helps you build YOUR MLM Profit Center!


–> Click Here To Learn More About My Lead System Pro (MLSP)


There you have it. This is one of a few high ticket affiliate programs that I highly recommend you join. The membership training site will help you build your online business while being able to earn high commissions from their products.

To Your Success,

Zai Hadi

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