On the Road with Baby

Finally, you have your baby on a set schedule so he falls asleep promptly each night without a huge fuss.

But then, you go on a trip and everything falls apart.

Your baby is in a new environment, his schedule is probably messed up and everything goes to pieces.

This problem can be reduced dramatically with a little pre-planning by you and with the help of the Instant Baby Sleep soundtrack.

The first step is to try, as much as possible, to plan your travel schedule around your baby’s schedule. Don’t travel extremely early in the morning or late into the night if at all possible.

Try to follow the baby’s feeding schedule as much as you can. This may mean pulling over at a rest stop on the road or feeding the baby in mid-flight. A hungry baby is not a happy baby and a fussy day can lead to a stressful night.

Always take along items that the baby is used to such as a stuffed animal or favorite blanket. The touch, feel and even smell of a familiar item can help to calm your baby.

However, no matter how carefully you try to plan there will be times on your trip when you need your baby to sleep while you’re in your car.

One way to achieve this goal is by using the Instant Baby Sleep Sound Track. You’re legally allowed to make two copies of your MP3 download so you can put one on CD to have available in your car.

If your baby is already used to falling asleep to this soundtrack he’ll do so no matter where he is. Whether you’re in your car or in a strange hotel room; the sound of the familiar sleep sound track will lull your baby into a deep sleep.

Keep the sound track playing so when your baby wakes up during the normal forty minute sleep cycle the sound track will still be playing and he’ll be lulled back to sleep by the familiar, comforting sounds.

Be sure you have used the sound track at home and the baby has adjusted to falling asleep with it before you go on vacation. Traveling is not the time to begin using the sound track.

You’ll be able to enjoy your travel time more when both you and your baby are rested and getting the sleep you need.

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