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Paddling in the Yellow River

Paddling in the Yellow River | Vacation Blog site


Published: October 11th 2010

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Yellow River Scenic Area (39)Yellow River Scenic Area (39)Yellow River Scenic Area (39)

Hello All,

Properly with the climate remaining so beautiful at the moment we determined to go to the Yellow River yesterday. It can be only 20 km north of the city. So we hopped on to a bus which was stuffed to the gills, very seriously the driver could only just shut the doors!
It was very fairly with a mount Rushmore sort of affair with two faces carved into the mountain, who they are I am not really guaranteed. I consider they possibly two aged emperors who achieved here lots of years back. In any case we only seriously went to see the river and failed to extravagant a trek all-around the mountains, so we went to the river sat down and experienced a picnic.
Beautiful day with beautiful surroundings and excellent climate.

Get pleasure from the images

Jah Bless


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