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After what can only be named a slight lie in (though the site visitors on the highway exterior was dieing to wake us all up) we went down for breakfast in the neighborhood cafe underneath our ‘hostel’. I assume we have all acquired by now that nothing at all begins the day like hen and rice in the most popular sauce known to male genuinely opens up the sinuses you know! These days was our peaceful exploring day, while tommorow will be left for total on touristy crap/things.

We took the MRT, which we currently cherished by now, and went down to the harbour entrance. Without having a vacation guidebook, our know-how of the town is centered on what Dale kinda remembers performing like 7 a long time in the past, as a result not very significantly. It getting Sunday, every person was seeking to go to the Sentosa Island for the day, so after scoping the price ranges and looking spherical the massive ‘vivo city’ mall, we remaining on foot for the Raffles Hotel region. Realising we were being essentially pretty ar from that region, we observed a bus prevent and made the decision to hazard the bus. As with every little thing else in Singapore, this was really incredibly straightforward and we ended up in the correct space in

Are you sure we are not lost??Are you sure we are not lost??Are you confident we are not misplaced??

no time.

Dale had been carrying his birthday present from Mark and Ollie all working day (like a kid at xmas ready to attempt his new toy) and so we observed a park to throw it close to in. It was an american soccer by the way (I had been seeking a person since india), and even though it was pretty scorching we played for a very little though. And the views from the park were incredible so we hung out for a little bit in the shade. Ollie in fact authorized anyone else to maintain his digital camera (usually like a pet dog with a bone 😊 ) and we he took a good shot of us in the park. Ollie then used the relaxation of the evening wanting to know why his photos don’t look that excellent….. just one clue, it is not the camera!

In the night we determined t


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