Sleep Tips For Moms

When setting up a sleeping environment for you baby the first thing to remember is safety.

Though an antique crib might be beautiful it will not meet the strict safety requirements of today’s cribs — requirements that are all in place for good reason.  If at all possible buy a new crib and make sure you follow all the directions precisely when setting up baby’s bed.

Make sure the mattress is a snug fit against the sides of the crib.

Don’t put the crib near a window where drapes or blind cords hang down. I know when your baby is a newborn you think these things don’t matter because your baby is not very mobile. But the time will pass quickly and sometimes your baby will surprise you with his movements. Plan ahead as you set up the room.

Never put the baby to sleep on a pillow, cushy comforter or pillow top mattress.  The baby crib should have a flat, firm mattress and sheets should be secured.

Always put your baby to sleep on his back. This has been the biggest factor in decreasing S.I.D.S . in young babies.

Buy a good monitor so you can hear your baby when you’re not in the room. This will give you the peace of mind to allow you to rest. Otherwise, you’ll be running to the baby’s room every few minutes just to check on him.

Don’t let a family pet in the room with your baby when you’re not around. If you’ve ever had a baby grab your finger you know how firmly they can grip. But they’re yet able to let go at will. This means if they grab a handful of cat fur they can’t let go quickly and your cat will fight to protect itself. Pets and small babies can cause harm to each other without meaning to so keep them apart unless you are with them.

If the room is chilly dress your baby in warm pajamas. Do not cover with a blanket. Always buy non-flammable sleepwear.

Remember as your baby gets older, one of the most popular bedtime routines is – story time. Even small babies enjoy being read to and told stories. They’ve been listening to mommy’s voice for nine months in the womb so it’s a familiar and comforting sound.

Rock or snuggle your baby until he’s sleepy but then put him in bed to fall asleep. If you wait until your baby is fully asleep in your arms then when he wakes he’ll be shocked by the change. Plus, you’ll have to continue the habit each night.

Put him to bed and then play something soothing such as the Instant Baby Sleep sound track. It will help your baby calmly drift off to sleep. Let it continue to play in case your baby wakes up in thirty or forty minutes.

Finally, don’t expect miracles. Your baby will need to eat often during the first few months of life. He has a tiny little tummy that can’t hold a lot of food at one time. Never get upset at your baby for waking up and needing to be fed. Just work on setting up a routine and helping him learn to know when it’s bedtime and time for sleep.

The Instant Baby Sleep sound track is an easy way to develop good sleep habits in your baby.

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