The “High Monthly Price” Costly Mistake

When I first started venturing online, I made one huge mistake:

Too Afraid of Subscribing To a Monthly-Based Service


I always searched for a “one-time” payment product.. and I ALWAYS thought that I’ve saved a lot of money by doing so. Boy, was I wrong BIG TIME… When I added up all my expenses, I actually ended up spending more.

Let me give you an idea:

I’ve been running a video membership site for quite some time which requires me to have at least a virtual private server hosting (VPS) as videos do take up very large space and bandwidth. I also have other websites which I need to host using just one hosting account. To make long story short, I ended up getting myself a dedicated server for $156 per month. Now if it’s not because of this cost, I would not have been able to run my video sites successfully if my mind is still in the “avoid monthly price” way of thought. Is $156 per month a high cost for me?

Absolutely not!

Because with that kind of cost, I’m able to run a successful business online. Similarly, someone in the hosting business can vouch for what I’m saying here.

Let’s say the for every server which I rent for $400, I’m able to host 200 websites from my customers and rake in $2,000 in sales. That means for every $400 I spend per month, I’m earning a huge profit margin of $1,600. Theoretically, if I’m able to get more customers in the long run, I’m looking at a $16,000 monthly profits for every $4,000 per month in expenditure. Certainly at that point, $4000 per month is NO LONGER a huge expense! A businessman may need to spend $20,000 per month in expenses, only to earn a whopping $100,000 in sales every month! So again now you see that the $20,000 per month expense is no longer a huge expense, rather it becomes a NECESSITY in order to earn huge profits.

So let us get back to online business. Just look at the various autoresponder services online. Eg: Aweber used to charge only $19.95 per month for the first 10,000 subscribers. Most marketers who are doing it right are raking in hundreds and thousands of dollars from their mailing list just by subscribing to the $19.95 monthly service.

Once again, the monthly expense becomes a NECESSITY in order to earn huge profits. There are a few very good membership sites which offer “All-In-One” marketing tools such as hosting, autoresponder accounts, private label rights products, etc for $97 per month.

Once again, a marketer who does not understand this may look at it and say “That’s TOO EXPENSIVE! I can’t afford it!”… … but a smart marketer who is willing to take action and make use of all the marketing tools in that membership simply subscribes to such service and continue raking in thousands of dollars from using the services & tools which he’s paying for only $97 per month.

So don’t commit a mistake that will deprive you from your huge potential profits. If you’re an action taker & confident that the products & services will directly give a HUGE impact on your online business profits, then go for it!

Remember that once you’ve identified these products & services, they now become a NECESSITY for you to earn huge profits.

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