The Importance of a Sleep Routine

Oh the fun of having a new baby in the house. The laughter, the joy and most of all — the exhaustion.

If your baby is not sleeping well at night it can disrupt your whole household. You walk the baby, you talk to the baby, you sing to the baby, you cry with the baby, you plead with the baby, “Please go to sleep!” But nothing works.

The more anxious and stressed you get the less chance you have of calming your baby enough for him or her to go to sleep.

The good news is there are steps you can take to help your baby fall asleep at the same time each night without all the anguish.

The secret is starting a routine early in the baby’s life. Using the Instant Baby sleep sound track is an important part of this routine.

An example of a good pattern is to bathe your baby each night at 7:00. The warm bath water will help provide a calming atmosphere.

Then put on a clean diaper and a fresh set of pajamas. This isn’t the time to be playing or talking loudly to the baby.

Then nurse or give the baby his last bottle for the day. Talk in a calm voice or sing to the baby.

By 8:00 you can put the baby in his crib and turn on the Instant baby sound track.  The room should be dark except for a small nightlight.

Your baby may not fall asleep quickly on the first night but don’t despair. As the baby adjusts to the routine he will soon come to associate the sound track with bedtime. After a few nights the baby will know that this means sleep time.

Continue this routine for several days and you’ll see how the baby eventually adapts to the routine.

You may be tempted to keep your baby up later to have more time with him. But an early bedtime is optimal for most babies. When they are up too late they get overtired and have a harder time going to sleep.

The benefits of a set sleep time will help your baby as he grows older and even as an adult. Letting your body know what time he will go to sleep each night and get up each morning is part of an overall healthy living lifestyle. A person gets better sleep and feels less tired when they follow a regular sleep pattern each day.

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